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Creativity for the stylish fev

A hand crafted illustration on your wall conveys a stronger message about your style and personality than your words.
Selecting a perfect and unique hand-made painting for our walls has always been a challenge for all of us, because we have always envisioned "THAT" special painting which can only be found on our walls. For such a creative piece, do you worry about its price? Did you nod ‘yes’? Same here. We did too! As a result, we at Forma Pictura are planning to offer you affordable and one-of-a-kind hand-made paintings.

Being India’s leading online 100% handmade art gallery, which has been engaged with handpicked artists, Forma Pictura is reimagining wall decor with paintings to nurture the creative abilities within us.

Our Mission:

We create valuable, unique, and affordable painting concepts for people who dare to be different.


To be the world’s creativity powerhouse for hand-made art works.


To impact people’s lives with beautiful illustrations on their walls.
Creativity is the ability to use imagination to generate new ideas. Every artwork that we conceptualize at Forma Pictura is a masterpiece as it focuses on the foundation of unique artistry.

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Forma Pictura. Bangalore (K.A) India.
Phone: +91-8904341396
E-Mail: formapictura@gmail.com

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